We're a pop-up brand literally born out of a New Year’s resolution, but we're also a family united with a passion to create happiness through food. We get immensely satisfied when others enjoy our creations.

The family that cooks together, sticks together (or something).



Elson uses his endless creativity to come up with masterful beef jerky flavors, and amazingly original photos and videos. He may be silent, but something's always cooking (He's also our dancing king).

favorite dish
lao fried chicken with sticky rice 



Frick is a trained and professional chef who has worked in highly-rated and notable restaurants, like the Blind Butcher in dallas. he's the jokester of the bunch that keeps us smiling and cruising along.

favorite dish
super spicy khao piek sen – Lao chicken noodle soup



Sandy has spent over a decade in customer service, and ensures customers always leave with a smile. she's our kind-hearted event, marketing, and online store go-to gal.

favorite dish
thom khem – braised pork belly with eggs



Cliffton HAS A HEART FOR COOKING WITH A SHARP MIND FOR BUSINESS: HE FOCUSES ON building relationships, connecting through his love of Laotian food, and growing the SAAP brand.

favorite dish
Nam Khao - Crispy Coconut Rice Salad Wrap



Frank is a self-taught cook that loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. He's also our resident numberS (and all around) geek, with over a decade of experience in financial analysis & strategic planning.

favorite dish
Khao Piek Sen - Lao Chicken Noodle Soup


Loan (Kim) 

Loan found her love for Lao food after meeting frank (and the rest was history). With Over a decade of hr experience and social media savvy, she's always ready to ensure the SAAP machine runs smoothly.

favorite dish
Aw Gai - Lao chicken stew