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What drives us, inspires us and pushes us is family.

Every time we come pile in for a family celebration, my aunt is excited to teach us how to cook yet another dish she grew up eating. She doesn’t mind sharing her recipes because it truly brings her joy to see everyone enjoying her food. That joy is something we try to emulate every day at SAAP Lao Kitchen.

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Crowd Favorites: 5 Dishes You'll See at a Laotian Get Together This Memorial Day Weekend

Like many Asian cuisines, most of Lao food is meant to be shared. Lao people love to gather over food and drink. As people fire up the grill during this Memorial Day Holiday and celebrating the start of summer, I want to take the time to tell you about 5 delicious dishes that are favorites at any Lao gathering.

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The story of SAAP Lao Kitchen: How 6 cousins set out to share their family's love of Lao food.

Fast forward to today and we are 6 cousins pursuing this dream with every fiber of our being. It's not easy to launch a business and we've learned a lot on our journey, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.

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