A guide to the best road trip snacks

Road Trip Snacks. Are you packing the right things? A guide to the best road trip snacks.

Let's face it, I don't need any special reason to buy snack foods, but when you set out on a road trip, you just HAVE to have them, am I right? Here's a look at what you should be bringing along on your next road trip.

SALTY. Popcorn and pretzels are always in my car on a trip. They're just a great snack that you can easily pop in your mouth while speeding through those small, one-light towns. Beef jerky is another one of my favorites. But not just any beef jerky, oh no! SAAP Lao Kitchen's Laotian jerky is the absolute best I've ever had.

-Hurried Hostess

Kim Chanthorn